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We believe that Safety and Success are interrelated. That safety is never a supplement, but rather the foundation on which to build people and processes, the keys to profitability. We recognize that organizations accept this principle yet can be challenged when quantifying its true value. We strive to help organizations with this vital piece by providing an on-time mechanism that reveals actionable performance opportunities across your safety programs through the tracking and measuring of:

  • Incidents/Cost of Poor Safety (How bad did it hurt?)
  • RCA/Corrective Action Effectiveness (Is it working?)
  • Warning Signs (Are we paying attention?)
  • Common Practices/Behaviors (What’s really going on out there?)
  • Engagement Culture (Are all levels of the organization involved?)

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Safety Dashboard Toolbox

To achieve real results with your safety programs the components culture , behavior, accountability and work environment need to be kept in balance. At Safety Dashboard we try to improve our tool box filled with simple practical tools every day. Tools that reinforce each other, connect to each other, and are integrated.

Overview of QESH incidents reporting software