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Corporate EHS Reporting Managers are responsible to deliver monthly reports to their leadership team(s) and external stakeholders.
They face several challenges. EHS Data needs to be:

  • Complete; all reporting units (local sites, warehouses, offices) must submit their data

  • Correct; reports need to be classified correctly

  • Stable; Especially with larger organizations this last topic if often a challenge

Classifications change over time. For example a first aid case, actually should have been a restricted workday case. To keep this process managable, EHS tool Safety Dashboard works with two sets of data: live EHS data and frozen data. At one point in time, for example when data is reported to external parties, reporting data is frozen. Making changes to underlying reports is still possible, however the management reports do not change anymore as they work with the frozen data. A delta report shows Reporting Managers where changes are made after the reporting deadline. They can decide per case what action to take with such a change. No surprises, always in control.

Would you like to see how this works? Feel free to contact us or schedule an online Safety Dashboard demo.

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