Waste Management EHS Software

Waste Management EHS Software

February 2019 – This week we started the implementation of Waste Management EHS Software suite Safety Dashboard at Avalex. Avalex takes care of waste collection and sustainable use of raw materials. They do this in an environmentally conscious and social manner. With the aim of a waste-free region. Through the valorisation of waste into raw materials. Avalex is going to work with the Safety Dashboard platform to safeguard and control all kinds of processes. Those processes are mainly related to Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment. Avalex starts with the modules for incident reporting, action management and EHS inspections. At a later stage other modules will be added to the EHS management suite.

EHS reporting app

Avalex will use the Safety Dashboard reporting app. For easy registration of incidents, near misses and other deviations. For all staff members it will be very easy to register any event. As a result more data will become available. Clear KPI dashboards will provide more insight in improvement opportunities. 

Want to know more about Safety Dashboard? Feel free to contact us for an online demo meeting.

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