Involve your real experts on safety: your employees.

The power of Safety Dashboard lies in the fact that it involves the real experts on safety – your employees! Improve safety on the workfloor. Employees are in the trenches of day to day operations. They know that the balance between operating safely and getting the job done can be difficult. They are the ones who know when a machine, process or tool becomes a hazard.

Safety on the workfloor

Easy reporting of EHS incidents

It is very easy to report accidents, near misses, deviations and other events in an integrated EHS management system like Safety Dashboard. The professional reports the event in a few seconds and can continue with his work.

Handling reports

Process the reports quickly and efficiently based on a workflow. The process is supported with notifications and the reporting file completed with additional information. Improve safety on the workfloor within your company by automatically escalating high-risk issues and notifying other departments and sites when problems occur.


Investigate the EHS reports and convert the analysis into concrete actions to share and change knowledge, behavior or skills.


Investigate the reports and convert the analysis into concrete actions. Share and change knowledge, behavior or skills. Want to learn more? Schedule an online consulting meeting. Or follow our LinkedIn EHS Blog or Safety Blog.