Safety Dashboard can be used for much more than safety. Some of our customers named it ‘Performance dashboard’ or ‘HSSEQ management system’. Safety Dashboard is an online software tool for Safety, Health, Environment & Quality management.

The main modules are:

For more info regarding the EHS tools, click on the individual modules. The solution is used by many companies for different purposes: EHS management, Quality Assurance, HSEQ management etc.

Online software tool that supports you to make your company a safer place to work!

You or your company own the data. When you want to stop using the tool, all data can be easily exported.

We have made our platform open, so it operates seamless with other great tools in your organization. We also focus our hosting strategy on the latest trends within large and small organizations.

  • Private cloud hosting at the Internet Service Provider or internal (we use Microsoft Azure and you can choose your preferred location)

  • Open data and APIs for linking to ERP or HR systems

  • Optimum browser and (mobile) device compatibility

  • Easy download of different data sets to MS Excel

  • Single Sign On – no hassle with user management, linkage to Active Directory

  • Email integration

  • Federation building – linking to your company’s Identity Management Strategy

  • Printing documents to MS Word

Yes. Please send us an e-mail with your questions and we are more than happy to help you: sales@safetydashboard.com. Our LinkedIn news page is updated on a regular base.

Yes, most of our customers use one, two or more languages which makes it very easy for local staff to report in their own language. Some of the possible languages are Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Portugese, Chinese, Danish, Swedish, etc.

The implementation process is really easy. Contact us by phone, e-mail, or fill out the Trial form. We will contact you and make sure you are up and running within a few days.

Yes. We strongly advise to import all relevant data before you start using Safety Dashboard. This makes it easy for your staff to recognise and adapt to the new system rapidly.

Manhours can be entered manually into Safety Dashboard by location each month. Another possibility is to work with an interface to another solution. Or to work with an upload from Excel. Using these manhours we can calculate accident frequency rates. Or any other frequency rate you need. For more information, visit the KPI and reporting page.

Cannot find your question and answer on this FAQ EHS management software? Feel free to contact us at info@safetydashboard.com or schedule a free consulting meeting by clicking here for a Free Demo.