Safety dashboard is used throughout Avebe on all the international sites. Initially, the EHS management system was only intended for incidents and dangerous situations. But now audits, assessments, work permit inspections and safety observations can also be included in the system. A strong point of the system is that it gives the possibility to expand the reporting categories. Additional information can also be added in the follow-up to a report, such as photos, a possible solution and other findings with regard to the subject. The strength of the Safety Dashboard EHS management system is that it is well adaptable for the so-called moderators. These are the people who maintain the system within Avebe. It is a user-friendly automated system for both staff and management. The reporter is only asked the necessary questions. Once the report has been made, extensive questions are asked to the case handler handling the report. More information is obtained from, for example, a conversation with the person who made the report.

Success factors for the EHS management system

Usability for users is an important success factor, as is accessibility. You can easily access Safety Dashboard via the intranet system. Creating involvement and informing users has also been important. The previous system was well-known and much appreciated by the staff. Avebe has made use of this by giving the new system the same name. If something happens, it is often said: “make a prime case”. Then everyone knew and knew what was meant. Finally, training the case handlers has been good. These are the people who handle the reports.


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