Audit Management Software

Audit Action Plan

Many organizations have regular audits. Whether internal, external, announced or unannounced, they result in solid action plans, with many things to follow up. Things to keep in mind when dealing with all these action plans:

  1. Make sure actions can be traced back to the audit (BRC, ISO, internal, external audit). When your auditing party returns for a subsequent audit visit, there is nothing better than to be able to take out the action plan of the last audit and show what has been done, by who, when and what is falling behind and why.
  2. Keep track of deadlines actively. Make sure that actions are completed in a timely and demonstrable manner.
  3. Close-out actions and check effectiveness over time. When closing an action, make sure proper closure remarks are documented. Perhaps there is a remaining action that has to be completed? Also consider checking the effectiveness of actions a few months down the road.

Audit Management Software

Some cool stuff we built into our action tracking module, part of the Safety Dashboard EHS audit management software suite:

  1. Upload action plans from Excel
  2. Indicators on overdue, deadline extensions and action priority
  3. Effectiveness check reminders
  4. Recurring actions

Feel free to contact us for an online demo of the possibilities for your organization. It is a helpful tool to Mitigate Risks, Improve and Streamline Action Plans, Monitor Performance and Ensure Compliance.

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