Too many actions stop continuous improvement

Organizations nowadays generate simply too many actions to manage. Risk assessments, audits, observation rounds, safety talks, incidents, complaints, new legislation, work meetings, and so on. They all generate actions but there is no overview and we simply lose track.

Action management software module

Safety dashboard action tracker module

The Safety Dashboard action management software module enables your company to track and manage a wide range of actions from many different sources, for instance: non-conformities, supplier quality issues, and quality procedure-related events, Management of Change. It automates corrective actions triggered by incidents, complaints and other quality events, managing the corrective action process, automating verification of effectiveness over time, and providing seamless trace-ability to related quality processes, such as change control and training.

Manage actions from all sources in one place

With the action management software module companies give their professionals the power to manage quality and safety issues originating from any source. The automated workflow routes the reported actions through the workflow steps.This will result in a decrease of cycle time and production/operation costs, it improves efficiency and reduces risk. It increases accountability and collaboration by assigning actions to responsible parties and monitoring due dates through interactive dashboards. Schedule an online demo? Or subscriber to our SHEQ Blog for customer success stories.