Simple and effective software for
Safety Incident Management

  • Spending too much time on interventions?

  • Administrative tasks piling up?

  • Is your reporting a time consuming mess?

Simple and effective software for
Safety Incident Management

  • Spending too much time on interventions?

  • Administrative tasks piling up?

  • Is your reporting a time consuming mess?

Focus more on prevention and analyses and make your company a safer place to work with Safety Dashboard.

We help organizations to involve and engage workers to participate and contribute actively to Safety, Health and the Environment. We bring focus by flagging unwanted situations. Offer learnings from best practices and deviations and help to develop a safety culture in your organization.


  • All deviations

  • Easy reporting

  • Involve work floor


  • All SHE Actions

  • Track and monitor

  • Central action overwiew


  • Involve employees

  • Develop and monitor effectiveness

  • Manage your audit program


  • SHE KPI monitoring

  • Clear dashboards

  • Real time data


  • Engage employees

  • Build risk register

  • Prioritize. Define measures


  • Perform cross checks
  • Monitor implementation
  • Track and trace actions
SHEQ management dashboard software
  • Easy reporting on mobile app or tablet
  • Our SHE reporting app stores notifications in Safety Dashboard. Existing reports can be accessed or actions can be added.
  • Our app has an offline mode for employees that spot unsafe situations in places where wifi is not working or not available.
  • Forms in the app are directly integrated with your Safety Dashboard tool. If you add a field to one of your forms, it automatically updates the app to keep things in sync.
  • The app is available for IoS and Android platforms.

Safety Dashboard customers

EHS management dashboard software
EHS management dashboard software
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Safety Dashboard customers

What our customers say about us

RET grows in safety with Safety Dashboard

RET, the transport company in the Rotterdam region, is improving its safety culture. Part of this is the purchase of the Safety Dashboard. The system helps the transport company to rise from step 3 to step 4 on the Safety Ladder: from ‘calculating’ to ‘proactive’.

VeenIX pushes forward with Safety Dashboard

Working on the road can be a dangerous activity. Accidents and near misses regularly occur during roadwork in the Netherlands; sometimes it is only a hair’s breadth away. Road construction company VeenIX wants to understand these risks in order to learn from them. With the help of employees and Safety Dashboard, VeenIX is charting the risks.

Hago Rail Services

Hago Rail Services, a leading specialist in cleaning trains, is constantly working on improving safety. Hago offers train passengers in the Netherlands a pleasant and comfortable journey by thoroughly cleaning and keeping the NS trains proper. Hago maintains more than 2,900 trains on a daily basis. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Often at night, increasingly during the day.

Your SHEQ management dashboard software tool up and running within a day. Start saving time immediately. No difficult and time consuming implementation project. Contact us now to start your trial period.

EHS management dashboard software